Event 01/13/2021

The Journey Toward Integrated Care: What to Expect & Why It’s Worth It

Free Executive Web Briefing, Sponsored by Integrated Care Online 

The transition to an integrated care delivery model doesn’t happen overnight. Merging physical and behavioral healthcare can present many financial and clinical challenges—especially during an unpredictable healthcare climate.

In this session, the NextGen® Advisors, a multidisciplinary team of healthcare experts, will dig into why it is challenging to move to integrated care and how to pursue the journey in a way that sets your organization up for success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why integrated care is so challenging
  • How to leverage the differences between physical and behavioral care to your advantage
  • What it takes to build a successful clinical and business model that fits organizational needs now and for the future

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Featured Speakers

Jeffrey Howard
Chief Financial Officer
Cherokee Health Systems

Martin Lustick, MD
Senior Vice President
NextGen® Advisors

Graham Brown, MPH
Senior Vice President
NextGen® Advisors