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38% Of Private Equity Executives Considering Long-Term Care Deals

About 38% of private equity executives planning health industry acquisitions in the next 18 months are considering acquisitions in the long-term care sector, defined as including home health, long-term care facilities, and hospice services. These survey results were reported by […]

A Big Opportunity For Someone

For all the discussion about the cost of chronic diseases—and their increasing prevalence—not much is happening. Or so it would seem. We recently reported on chronic disease management in the Medicare Advantage market, where 44% of consumers with a chronic […]

Primary Care Isn’t What It Used To Be

What exactly is “primary care”? A few years ago, Marci Nielsen, Ph.D., then-Chief Executive Officer of Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative, described the “key elements” of primary care as “assess, prescribe, and refer” in her keynote presentation, The Evolution Of […]

Alabama’s Integrated Care Network Program

In this document released on March 15, 2018, the Alabama Medicaid Agency presented its concept for an Integrated Care Network (ICN) to manage LTSS. The ICN will provide enhanced case management, education, and outreach services for people receiving LTSS. The […]