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The Power Of Real-Time Clinical Data In Integrated Care

Access to real-time patient data from other providers continues to be a hindrance to delivering quality and efficient care in integrated settings. When providers do not have access to patient data from other providers at the point-of-care, it is up […]

Does Your Organization Stack Up On Key Performance Measures?

Our team at OPEN MINDS is always challenging executive teams of specialty provider organizations to ‘prove their value.’ It’s key for getting preferred contracts with health plans, for succeeding with value-based reimbursement, and for remaining relevant. There are certainly hundreds […]

3 Keys For Success With Integrated Service Delivery

The road to integration is rocky. Interoperability is spotty (see Integration, Interoperability & Consumer Engagement and Will Security & Interoperability Shape Our Health Care Future?). Reimbursement remains problematic (see The Value-Based Reimbursement Steeplechase and The Strategic Challenges On The Road […]