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Behavioral Health Providers Face Challenges In Value-Based Care

By Dr. Martin Lustick, Senior Vice President, NextGen® Advisors Published with permission Value-based care (VBC) continues to be a popular expression across the health care landscape, but the challenges and opportunities it offers are quite different across specialties. Behavioral health (BH) providers […]

Change Management Lessons to Prepare Your Organization for Integrated Care

Eighty-five percent of behavioral health and intellectual and developmental disability provider organizations say they are broadening their practices to include primary care services, according to a national survey of providers published in February 20211. And while organizations are running full […]

Medicaid In The Next Normal

By Monica E. Oss It’s no surprise that Medicaid enrollment increased significantly in the last year. Medicaid enrollment rose by 8%, from 65.4 million consumers in January 2019 to 70.6 million consumers in September 2020. In Medicaid expansion states, Medicaid […]

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare: An OPEN MINDS Organizational Profile

Founded in 1980, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare (Cascadia) is a non-profit community-based behavioral health and substance use treatment services organization in the state of Oregon. Cascadia offers integrated mental health, addiction, primary care, and housing services in the greater Portland metropolitan […]

Technology For The Next Normal

As we look at the likely changes to the health and human service landscape propelled by the pandemic—integrated care models, value-based reimbursement, hybrid care delivery models, and more—it is apparent that most provider organizations cannot compete (on cost, service, or […]