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Medication Shopping—It’s A Brave New World

The share of health care spending on prescription pharmaceuticals has remained stable in recent years at 10% of health care expenditures. But, medication spending has risen with the rest of health care—the amount spent has risen from $271.1 billion in […]

The ‘Best Practice’ Challenge

The need to standardize service delivery has become increasingly critical for better consumer experience, for better outcomes, and for consistent pricing and performance in value-based arrangements. This was the focus of my closing keynote, Reinventing Your Organization: Key Management Best […]

Financial Alignment Initiative MyCare Ohio: First Evaluation Report

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released this report on November 15, 2018 about the Financial Alignment Initiative for MyCare Ohio. The initiative tests integrated care models for Medicare-Medicaid enrollees. The report describes implementation and early analysis of […]