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Is VBR The Path To Lower Health Care Costs?

The United States has seen a relatively slow increase in spending on health care per capita over the past several years. However, policy analysts and health economists are projecting a significant trend upwards of 5.5%, year over year, in spending […]

The Growing Push For Medicaid ACOs

Since the signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), accountable care organizations have grown in popularity, with 17.2 million beneficiaries in commercial ACOs and 14.6 million in Medicare ACOs. But there is another category that, while slower […]

What Are Health Plans Actually Doing?

Well, the results are in. A survey of the health plans focused on their management approaches for better serving consumers with behavioral health disorders and complex support needs brought a few results that surprised even me. The big takeaways? Specialty […]

Coming Up With The Next Big Thing

My past few days have been full of discussion of change and new developments that are showing up in the field—smartphone-based web apps for consumer engagement, new programs to provide social supports to health plan members, national ranking systems for […]