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Defining ‘Value’ Is Key To Provider/Health Plan Conversations

For the past year, in almost every meeting that I’ve attended that focused on provider reimbursement from health plans, the number one concern is the definition of “value.” The question—if we are going to reimburse some organizations more than others […]

Integration Strategies For The Complex Consumer Market

Many specialty provider organizations are facing formidable strategic challenges as the result of the growing payer preferences for integration. Health plans are looking for best practice models that take a whole person approach to care delivery—integrating primary care, pharmacy, behavioral […]

Opportunities To Advance Risk In Integrated Care

Integrated Care Online had the opportunity to interview Christy Dye, President at Partners In Recovery (PIR), an affiliate of Marc Community Resources, Inc., and learn more about how her organization shifted into the integrated care field and the lessons PIR […]

Two Possible Opportunities In The Shift In Primary Care

Last week, we wrote about the five market developments of the past quarter that are most likely to affect the strategy of specialty provider organizations (see Adjust Your Strategic Sails!). Two of those developments were focused on primary care. If […]