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Medicaid In The Next Normal

By Monica E. Oss It’s no surprise that Medicaid enrollment increased significantly in the last year. Medicaid enrollment rose by 8%, from 65.4 million consumers in January 2019 to 70.6 million consumers in September 2020. In Medicaid expansion states, Medicaid […]

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare: An OPEN MINDS Organizational Profile

Founded in 1980, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare (Cascadia) is a non-profit community-based behavioral health and substance use treatment services organization in the state of Oregon. Cascadia offers integrated mental health, addiction, primary care, and housing services in the greater Portland metropolitan […]

Technology For The Next Normal

As we look at the likely changes to the health and human service landscape propelled by the pandemic—integrated care models, value-based reimbursement, hybrid care delivery models, and more—it is apparent that most provider organizations cannot compete (on cost, service, or […]

Build It & They Will Come—How Not To Succeed With Integrated Services

By Monica E. Oss Before, during, and likely after the pandemic, payers and health plans continue to push for integrated approaches to consumer care coordination and service delivery. The push is based on the assumption—now confirmed—that these integrated approaches result in […]