Event 01/25/2022

Data Interoperability: Your Key To Effective Collaboration

Collaboration in health care has been shown to improve patient outcomes, decrease morbidity, and reduce medication errors through medication reconciliation. As our health care delivery system depends on electronic health records and health information exchanges, the ability to use digitally created input to inform care collaboration is a requirement. True interoperability requires that information from various sources is usable. Join us to discuss how usability-focused interoperability model improves collaboration around integrated care delivery.

In this collaborative webinar attendees will:

  • Hear testimonials of organizations working together to share data to improve patient outcomes
  • See the road to data interoperability and learn what needs to be done to take an organization to the next milepost
  • Understand how an effective health information exchange leads to better patient experiences and increased revenue

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Featured Speakers

Muhammad Chebli
Vice President of Solutions
NextGen Healthcare

Thomas Theriault
Professional Services
Hi-Bridge Solutions

Cameron Fletcher
Professional Services
Hi-Bridge Solutions