Event 10/28/2020

An Intentional Approach to Integrated Care

The Integrated Care Forum: Four Health Care Organizations Share Their Unique Perspectives

Sponsored by NextGen Healthcare

How do we address the medical, behavioral, and social needs of our patients in a single setting? What are the challenges? What are the financial implications? How do patients and providers respond? The clinical benefits of integrated care are becoming more and more understood/evident. When the mind and body are treated as one — at the point of care—patient outcomes improve, overall costs are reduced, and health care achieves a higher standard.

Join for a compelling discussion on how each broke the norm and successfully brought behavioral health and physical health together.

Participants will learn:

  • Why integrated care is a goal worth pursuing
  • How best to prepare for your transition to integrated care
  • Practical models and pathways toward integration
  • Best practices for effective, integrated care management

Participants will receive exclusive access to an Integrated Care Resource Toolkit and an invitation to participate in a benchmark study on Integrated Care readiness.

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Featured Speakers

Peggy Chase
Terros Health

Rebecca Eleck, MD
Medical Director
Wheeler Clinic

Shannon Hannon, MBA, CMPE
Vice President of Healthcare Integration
Bowen Center

Rob Ryan, Ph.D., NCSP
Senior Vice President of Operations
Bowen Center

Monica E. Oss, M.S.
Chief Executive Officer