About Whole-Person Care HQ

This online community, Whole-Person Care HQ is sponsored by NextGen Healthcare. The community is designed to provide integrated whole-person care, community behavioral health, and human services organizations with best practices, case studies, strategy and technology insights, and other resources to inform and promote financial sustainability and ongoing innovation.

Our goal is to help you make a more meaningful impact on the individuals and community you serve—to make health and care better, for everyone.

The community includes:

  • An online library of resources demonstrating successful integration across practice specialties.
  • Executive insights on models and best practices to enhance whole-person care.
  • Information on trends and policies affecting integrated care, behavioral health, community, and human services practitioners in today’s complex healthcare environment.

Our aim is to help you drive better informed, evidence-based practice(s) in the fields of behavioral health, human services, and integrated whole-person care.

About Our Sponsor – NextGen Healthcare We empower transformation in integrated whole-person, behavioral health, and human services providers. You deserve a partner that can help navigate the journey of value-based care and ensure the best possible patient outcomes. We partner with you to share our best ideas, capabilities, and support with a single goal in mind: healthier communities.

Learn more about how NextGen Healthcare enables the best integrated, whole-person and community behavioral health and human services care possible, with a scalable solution that improves efficiency, boosts profitability, and enables collaborative care across a wide range of settings.