The online community, Integrated Care Online by Topaz Information Solutions, is the industry leader for integrated health clinical content, best practices, and strategic insights. The online community provides:

  • An online resource for information and case studies demonstrating successful interoperability among clinicians, hospitals, and labs.
  • Executive Insights on models and best practices to enhanced integrated care.
  • Integrated, fast, and intuitive mobile results.

By providing clear direction, Integrated Care Online powered by Topaz Information Solutions is driving informed evidence-based practice(s) in the field of behavioral health.

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Steering Committee

Ronke Komolafe, DBH

VP of Compliance and Operations
Topaz Information Solutions

Stacy DiStefano

Chief Strategy Officer, EVP Strategy & Business Development
Inperium, Inc.

Christy Dye, MPH

Partners In Recovery, LLC
An Affiliate of Marc Community Resources, Inc.

Ben Johnson, DHSc

Senior Associate
Christi Lundeen

Christi J. Lundeen

Chief Innotavion Officer
Mercy Care
Rebecca Plonsky

Rebecca Plonsky, LICSW

Senior Associate

Ako Quammie

Enterprise Architect
Victor Topo

Victor Topo, MSW

Center for Life

About Our Sponsor – Topaz Information Solutions®

Topaz Information Solutions® (TopazIS) was founded in 2000 by two large, community-based behavioral health organizations. TopazIS develops custom healthcare technology solutions tailored to the specific needs of behavioral health and social services organizations in partnership with NextGen Healthcare®. The idea for TopazIS was born from a need for electronic clinical components and documentation geared toward behavioral health and integrated healthcare providers. TopazIS was developed as a solution to that need.

The Topaz Information Solutions Difference

About Topaz

TopazIS offers an extensive suite of solutions built on our core EHR and EPM applications to include Mobile, Tele-health, Analytics, Population Health Management, Care Coordination and extensive integration expertise along with experience building highly focused custom content, reporting, billing and reimbursement solutions. Founded by two prominent social service agencies our mandate is to provide cost effective, highly functional solutions to behavioral health organizations.