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The Future Of General Internal Medicine Is Bright

By Betty Rabinowitz, M.D., FACP, Chief Medical Officer, NextGen Advisors Republished with permission A 2020 American College of Physician’s President’s Message by Douglas DeLong, M.D., FACP, struck a reassuring, optimistic note regarding the future of general internal medicine, a primary […]

Five Simple Ways To Improve Patient Satisfaction In Behavioral Health

Caring for mental health issues can be quite different from treating other medical problems. While primary care tends to be fast-paced with lab tests and physical exams to treat ailments, sometimes on an emergency basis, behavioral health typically has a […]

How To Use Design Thinking To Improve Behavioral Health Treatments

No two people are alike. This inherent complex nature of humans is what makes us inherently complicated and part of what makes medicine so challenging. Not all people react the same way to treatments and medications, making medicine often more […]

Why The Investor Interest In The I/DD Market?

By Monica E. Oss The investment numbers continue to amaze. Billions of investment dollars are fueling mergers, acquisitions, and start-ups in health and human services. Digital health companies alone raised $3.1 billion in June 2021, almost triple that of June […]

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